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Selling your Invoices--Accounts Receivable Factoring improves your cash flow which allow you to pay your bills sooner.  The cost is approximately the same as merchant fees on credit cards.    Often asked questions: 

(Q)    What is Factoring? 
(A)     Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable for cash.  Factoring gives businesses the power to ensure growth without diluting equity or incurring debt.

(Q)    Will Factoring benefit my company? 
(A)     Factoring can be extremely beneficial to your company when managed properly.  Expanding sales, purchasing inventory or raw materials in bulk are examples of factoring benefits.  Your company avoids such expenses as mailing costs, collection costs, losses on bad debts and much more.  Your Factor, in essence becomes your credit department.

(Q)    What types of business factors their invoices? 
(A)     A variety of industries benefit from factoring; the TRUCKING industry, HIGH TECH industry, TEMPORARY PERSONNEL agencies, PRINTING industry, MANUFACTURING of all types.  SALES and DISTRIBUTION businesses and many services industries.  Most businesses sell a product or service to other companies on net 30 to 60 day terms.

(Q)    Do I have to factor all my invoices? 
(A)     NO

(Q)    What size clients do you serve? 
(A)     The volume ranges from $10,000 per month to Million Dollars.

(Q)    Are there any restrictions as to the location of your clients?
(A)     No

(Q)    What about the location of my customers?
(A)     No

(Q)    Will you purchase all invoices that I send to you? 
(A)     We will try to purchase as much as possible.

(Q)    What is the difference between factoring invoices on "non-recourse"and "recourse"? 
(A)     When an invoice is factored on a non-recourse basis, the factor incurs the loss if the reason for non-payment is attributed to credit failure or insolvency.  Recourse basis means if for any reason the purchased invoice is not paid within a specified time frame, you would buy it back.

(Q)    When do I receive the monies? 
(A)     On most accounts 24 hours.

(Q)    Is a first lien required on all accounts receivables?
(A)       Yes

(Q)    Will additional forms of collateral be required? 
(A)     Yes, most of the time a personal guarantee on those persons responsible for the ownership of the company.

(Q)    Do I have to be an established business, operating for years, to be approved? 
(A)     We work with start-up companies, companies which are growing, companies that are not presently profitable or with special needs such as tax problems, including lawsuits, judgments or bankruptcy.

(Q)    Are there any fees? 
(A)     No, There are no up-front fees.

(Q)    How much will it cost?
(A)     You receive advance of 80% to 95% of the invoice in 24 hours.  Depending on the volume and days that the invoice remains outstanding, your actual fee will be between 2% and 7%.

(Q)    Will my customers know where to send payments? 
(A)     Yes, your customer receives your normal invoice directing payments to a lock box.

(Q)    How long does the application process take?
(A)     Four to ten working days to process and fund a new account with all necessary documentation.

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